Merging Farms and Vaults

Position Exchange
2 min readMar 19, 2022


Position Exchange Staking Protocol is one of the most important components of the project to this day. It consists of different features that allow users to generate rewards with High and Stable APR (One of the highest in the BNB Chain) by staking their assets.

Position Exchange Farms

Yield Farms allow users who provide liquidity to earn POSI while supporting Position Exchange by staking LP Tokens. Currently, the platform offers 2 farms to its users both with high and almost stable APR: The BUSD-POSI (323% APR) Farm and The BNB-POSI Farm (175% APR). The farms account for a Total Locked Value of $37M.

Position Exchange Vaults

Vaults are a unique feature brought by Position Exchange allowing users to stake their single assets and generate rewards. By staking tokens into the vaults, users can save up time and network fees while auto-compounding their rewards every 7hours. Currently, The platform offers 2 vaults: The BNB Vault and The BUSD Vault.

Merging Vaults and Farms

As you may know, Farms and Vaults have always been the same thing. The BUSD Vault is running through the BUSD-POSI farm and the BNB Vault is running through the BNB-POSI farm. For more convenience, we have decided to Merge the Farms and Vaults into one single platform to make it easier for users.

Enjoy the auto-compounding magic with a high and stable APR while providing liquidity and supporting Position Exchange.

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