Migrating to NFT Staking Contract V2

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2 min readMar 22, 2022

Position Exchange’s NFT feature has long been the users' favorite. The thrill of the random cast, the mining efficiency (multiplication factor), and the high NFT Pool APR explain clearly why every POSI holder has at least an NFT Card.

Position Exchange has successfully made the NFT Cards more just collectibles but a stakeable asset that can generate high and stable rewards.

Overview of the NFT feature:

Users can mint NFT Cards, using any amount of POSI, with different Characteristics and Rarities (We have 6 different Cards in total). The minting of the cards is random.

Each NFT Card has a mining efficiency which will multiply the POSI invested in minting it. The tokens invested in the Cards will be locked for a random period (between 25–45 days).

The Cards can be staked in the NFT Pool and generate rewards. After the end of the lock period, users can choose to keep their NFT Cards or decompose them back to their initial invested amount. The NFT Cards are also exchangeable, users can sell or buy NFT Cards in the Marketplace.

119,204 NFT Cards are available in circulation, accounting for a Total Locked Value of $32,067,400.50.

Migrating the NFT Staking Contract to V2:

Position Exchange’s team is constantly working on improving the platform’s features and the overall user experience. At this time, we will migrate the NFT Staking Contract to an upgraded version (V2) to add more functionalities, allow easier integration of the future expansion of the feature, correct some minor issues and improve the performance.

The Migration is mainly to announce some imminent additions, expansions, and upgrades in the NFT feature that will be live very soon! Stay tuned.

How to Migrate to thew NFT Staking V2:

To migrate NFT Cards to the new NFT Staking V2, Please go on the following link: https://app.position.exchange/nfts/migrate

1. Click on Withdraw All button
2. Approve the contract (if not approved)
3. Click on Stake Allbutton to Stake all Cards back in the New Pool

NFT Feature Roadmap:

The NFT feature has a rich development plan:

  • Art NFTs: Users will be able to create their own NFTs and sell them on the Marketplace
  • NFT Collaboration Pools: Users will be able to stake POSI NFT Cards and earn other tokens
  • Limited Edition and events NFT Cards
  • Enter Binance NFT Market
  • NFT Games (Blind Boxes, Special Edition NFT Cards…)



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