Position Exchange
3 min readMar 7, 2022

What’s Under The Hood Series

Position Exchange is a Decentralized Trading Protocol operating on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), that enables traders, liquidity providers and developers to participate in an open financial market with no barriers to entry. No authorization is required to use the open source Position Exchange protocol.

The Next-Gen Decentralized Trading Protocol
with its own Ecosystem.

Farm, Stake with high yield, Cast, Buy and Sell NFTs, Bonds, Participate in Governance and Trade on-chain Derivatives.

What is NFT staking?

In a regular staking pool, users deposit tokens into a contract and are rewarded with the same or different token in the form of rewards.

An NFT staking pool is different and is a bit similar to the Farming Pools because as a user, you:
1. Deposit POSI tokens into a contract.

2. Get rewarded with NFT cards with different rarities and characteristics (The better your NFT is, the higher your mining power will be).

3. Stake the NFT cards in the NFT Pool.

4. Earn POSI.

What NFT cards can you earn?

Users can cast NFTs with any amount of POSI.

To guarantee fairness, NFT cards casting will be a random process and will not be related to the amount of POSI used.

Here is an overview of the NFTs users can get:

There are 6 grades with different Productivity and Mining Efficiency

Farmer, Janitor, Accountant, Engineer, Pilot, Boss.

What are the use-cases of the NFT cards?

Our NFT cards will not be purely cosmetic but will also have several use-cases on the platform itself!

The NFTs themselves will be publicly tradable, so you will be able to buy/sell them on our marketplace without any limitations with a plan to include them in other projects' marketplaces as well!

The staking of NFTs will be very profitable to users as the APR will be remarkably high. It is also a great tool to stabilize the price of POSI as the NFTs have a decomposition period.


NFT casting is a random process. Users will be rewarded with different cards depending on their luck!

NFTs can be decomposed back to POSI but will have a decomposition time. This means the tokens will be locked for a certain time in the NFT cards.

The decomposition time is also chosen randomly and is set between (25 - 45days).

NFT Cards can be traded in the NFT marketplace on our platform.

Safe and Fully Audited

Decentralized projects are known for best security. Position Exchange is 100% decentralized.
All the Position Exchange features in whole and contracts in detail are audited by Certik.
Not only are the contracts audited but we have a partnership with auditing and security agencies.

During Testnet, Bounty programs will be in place.

In our DTP your money never leaves your wallet, the safest in DeFi.

For more details on our NFTs please visit our documents section.


Have any question?

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Position Exchange

The Next-Gen Decentralized Exchange & Trading Platform. Trade Derivatives, Swap, Stake & Earn in the new Community Driven Protocol.